RavenCroft Lavandin Essential Oil Blends


Selected small-batch essential oils distilled seasonally from our selection of French-type (Lavandula x intermedia) plants. Compared to their “English” cousins, the “French” lavandins produce substantially more oil per plant, and the composition of their oils is characterized by relatively higher portions of camphor-like compounds. Each oil is carefully stored and allowed to mature for at least one full year. Quantities are limited by seasonal yields — once the supply of any product is sold out, we will need to wait until the subsequent season’s yield is ready.


Product Description

Here is some information about the Lavandula x intermedia hybrids (“French lavender”) that are use to create RavenCroft Lavandin Essential Oil Blends.

Lavandula x intermedia “Edelweiss”

Sometimes referred to as “White Grosso”, this native of England has unique bluish-green buds that burst open to reveal bright white flowers.

Lavandula x intermedia “Gros Bleu”

Blooming relatively late in the lavender season, Gros Bleu has long, fine spikes loaded with dark purplish-blue flowers.  When dried, the buds hold their rich color well.

Lavandula x intermedia “Grosso”

Pierre Grosso selected this hardy French hybrid in the 1970s, establishing Grosso as the world’s most cultivated lavandin.  It currently accounts for an enormous fraction of global lavandin-type oil.

Lavandula x intermedia “Hidcote Giant”

True to its name, this unusual lavandin can grow to huge proportions, and is easily recognized by its uniquely large, plump flower heads.

Lavandula x intermedia “Impress Purple”

Originating in France, this highly ornamental lavandin boasts striking purple flowers with a silvery glitter in strong light.  It performs well as a cut flower in bouquets.

Lavandula x intermedia “Super”

Another variety that originated in France, Super blooms about the same time as Grosso, but with a somewhat lighter purple flower that performs well in ornamental and fragrance applications.  It has a sweet, light herbal scent with floral qualities that reminds many of the English lavenders.

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10g, 3.5g, 0.5g Sample, 8g Roll-on


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