In the chart below, the varieties and blends of RavenCroft lavandin oils are listed along with general indicators of some comparative features to help you choose between them.  Bear in mind that the aroma of lavandin essential oil should fit in the category of sweet herbal scents, with agrestic notes that arise from camphor-like compounds.  Beyond that, the variation in fragrance is quite broad, and depends on many factors including the genetic program of individual varieties and seasonal weather patterns during the annual bloom.

Variety Relative
Sweetness ***
Top Notes
Character ***
Character ***
Support ***
Nuances & Comments
Edelweiss ** Fruity * *** ** Fennel, tarragon, pepper / Slight sweet vanilla
Gros Bleu * Citrus, fruity, green *** * ** Mild, balanced sweetness / Slight peppery spice
Grosso North * Fresh pine, green *** * *** Fruity / Relatively fresh & sweet
Grosso South * Earthy, pine, vegetables ** ** ** Mild sweet tea & peppery spice
Hidcote Giant * Fresh vegetables, green * *** ** Mild anise and sweet tea /fresh
Raven’s Nest Blend * Earthy green ** ** ** Sweet tea
Super ** Citrus, black pepper * *** *** Savory, peppery spice / Freshly ironed linen

Lavandin Essential Oils

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