RavenCroft Special Fragrance Blends


Selected RavenCroft lavender and lavandin essential oils blended with complementary natural aromas, to create intriguing, lavender-heavy compositions.  Suitable for the fragrance lover who wants  “something different” that still delivers a cozy lavender “hit”.  Roll-ons are prepared with a stable, skin-friendly carrier with convenient roller-ball tops on compact glass vials that are ready for quick application.  Our Lavender Breeze series targets moods that need a gentle breeze to nudge them one direction or another.

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Product Description

Lavender Breeze Roll-On: Moonglow

A rich, dark, and sensuous melange emanating from the brooding forest at the edge of a lavender field, where moon beams highlight sturdy, old wood and sweet, earthy undergrowth.

Lavender Breeze Roll-On: Sorbet

A bright, refreshing cocktail! — quickly revive your energy and find a second wind with this fragrant memory of herb gardens and citrus groves.

Lavender Breeze Roll-On: Midnight

A gentle, sultry floral night-cap.  Apply near bed-time, and let it waft you away under the dark-indigo midnight sky where you can surrender to the calm stillness before dream-time.

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Moonglow, Sorbet, Midnight