RavenCroft Special Blends: Lavender Garden Room Fragrances


Selected RavenCroft lavender and lavandin essential oils blended with complementary natural aromas, to create intriguing, lavender-heavy compositions.  Suitable for the fragrance lover who wants  “something different” that still delivers a cozy lavender “hit”.

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RavenCroft’s Lavender Garden Series: Selected RavenCroft lavender essential oil blended with other oils from familiar garden plants. Use these to scent small spaces with diffusers or by simply placing a few drops in a bit of cotton.

Lavender Garden (Essential Oil Blend): Scarborough

Lavender field meets cottage herb border, yielding a lively fragrance of fresh green herbs and sweet flowers.

Lavender Garden (Essential Oil Blend): Valencia

Full bodied aroma of lavender wafting through and orange grove and a vibrant patio in the Spanish coast where saffron perfumes a simmering paeia.  Warm and evocative.

Lavender Garden (Essential Oil Blend): Provence – COMING SOON

A tribute the stunning landscape of southeastern France, dotted with long lines of vibrant lavender basking under the Mediterranean sun.

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Scarborough, Valencia, Provence